Burger King Rebranding

America's famous fast-food restaurant, "Burger King," has rebranded itself for the first time after 20 years.

Earlier it was done in 1999, but this time, they are bringing back its old aura by changing the brand's overall design template, right from their logo to their workers' costumes.

Their objective in changing the designs is clearly visible in their words, "Mouthwatering, big and bold, playfully irrelevant and proudly true."

They have changed the logo, which was introduced in 1999, with the one that resembles with 1970s logo. The new logo has its buns warmer in color (orange instead of yellow), with the words' burger king' sandwiched in between them. It looks more delicious according to them and hence will attract more people.

As Raphael Abreu says, "We wanted to use design to get people to crave our food; its flame-grilling perfection and above all, its taste."

Jones Knowles Richie says, "The new logo pays homage to the brand's heritage with a redefined design that's confident, simple, and fun."

They are introducing new design uniforms for their workers in the upcoming time. They have launched a few pictures that are getting loved by the fans.

The are also recasting the food packaging, which includes the names of items written in bold and fancy fonts named 'Flame sans.' They are bold fonts with smooth corners, written in a way that takes the food item's shape.

"Warmer colors bring vibrant, fresh ingredients and the brand's trademark flame-grilling method to life in packaging, crew uniforms, and digital experiences." Says Jones Knowles Richie.

They are leveraging Psychedelic designs to take people back to the 70s. It includes hands holding burger or fries, dipping them into the sauce, eating delicious golden rings, etc.

People react to it in different ways. Some fans are loving the new designs while others are missing the old ones.

Although the majority of people are loving and supporting its rebranding because maybe their designs are thought-provoking.

They are also running ads inspired by famous film characters like KGF (which is about to release) and Joker. These ads are performing very well according to the response they are getting from the viewers.

A user on Twitter wrote, "I'll always have a soft spot for burger king since my mom worked there as a kid.. sure, the burger doesn't taste the same but seeing they're bringing back the 90's logo.. nostalgia does sell."

One fan wrote, "Burger king went back to their old logo, now they have to bring back that "sometimes you gotta break the rules" motto they had in the early '90s."

While another fan praised the new logo and said, "..this is a good logo, I think."

This is how different people gave different opinions about Burger King's Rebranding, and that's how they are planning to take their new logo and designs to each corner of the globe. It has not yet spread much but will probably get to each one of their restaurants in a couple of years.