About Us

We are a bunch of hyperactive people who are constantly focused on getting things done. We operate on the much overrated ‘hustle’ mindset, a mixed music playlist that keeps us awake after our second most favourite activity (eating) and a lot of chai, maggi and coffee. Each of us have a personality that’s individual to us, but together we are in sync to bring the best output possible. Our creative juices are sometimes too much for people but we know how to control the flow, so fitting into a box or stepping out of it, we are perfectly comfortable with both.

Why US

We love asking questions and always like to know the ‘whys’ of things. Dissecting briefs and following them to the T is what we do best. We come with an opinion, but first we prefer listening.

Come meet us at our office to hear some unheard music, have home-like chai (or coffee) and most importantly discuss your marketing goals with us, it’s our first favourite thing to do!

Let's Talk about how
we can help you