Five steps to up your Instagram Business account for your food brand

"Dude, it's too late. Instagram is dead... "

"It is hard to get good engagement and followers on Instagram.."

Have you heard these statements before?

We all have! But is it a fact, or it's just your friends telling you about their failures?

When businesses are going digital and unveiling social media's power to make huge profits, saying that Instagram is dead is a lie.

Instagram has more than 1 billion active users hungry for good content. If you know how to leverage it wisely, you can make an adequate follower base in just a couple of months.

Today I'm going to share five steps to up your Instagram business game as a food brand.

You will learn how to start it the right way.

1.Make your profile Shine:

You have to take care that your profile reflects its message clearly and also preserves its singularity.

To do so, make these things right:

  • Username: Have a loud and clear username of your brand—Ex, @foodbrand.
  • Profile Pic: Here, you can add your brand logo to let your audience remember it when they see your posts in their feed.
  • Account name: Add the name of your brand or keywords you want to come in search results. Ex. 'Best food items in the city.'
  • Bio: Your bio depends upon your goals. It can either be your brand slogan, sales pitch, a small intro, or anything based upon your objective.
  • Website: Add your profile URL here.

2.Engage with similar niche accounts:

When you follow and engage with similar accounts, you let the Instagram algorithm know that you belong to a particular category and it starts showing you more to the feed or explore page of interested people.

Ways to engage properly:

  1. Make valuable comments: When you put useful words on other people's (same niche) comments section, it triggers their followers to check out your profile, follow you, or visit your website.
  2. Share posts: You can share their posts on your story, asking your audience to follow them. The chances are that you'll get a shoutout too.

3. Post regularly:

Consistency is the key to growth, no matter how much time it takes but putting regular content worth a lot more than just followers or engagement. It will also reflect your sincerity and commitment towards your business (to your clients).

  1. Post on time: Go to insights, check when your followers are active most in a day—post at that time only.
  2. Make it captivating: So that when it shows in their feed, they can't ignore it.
  3. Leverage videos and reels: Instagram algorithm pushes up video content. Please take full advantage of it.

4.Leverage Hashtags:

Hashtags are vital for your Instagram business in many ways:

  1. Finding similar accounts: Suppose you are looking for food brands. Type #bestfooditems, in the search bar, you'll see a bunch of posts from accounts identical to the food niche only. Now you can follow & engage with them.
  2. Getting engagement: Use relevant hashtags in your posts to get more engagement. Hashtags with 80k to 120k followers are evidently good.

5.Unleash the power of IG ads:

Last but not least, Instagram ads can be both lucrative and beneficial for your Instagram growth. There are two ways to use them:

  1. Boosting a post: You can pay Instagram to show your post to more & more people based upon a few factors.
  2. Instagram Ads: It is more detailed targeting of the audience, based upon their interests, demographics, history of interactions, gender, etc., used mainly in generating sales.

So these were a few steps you can follow to get the most out of your Instagram business account.