Is There a Good Income in Copywriting?

Copywriting is the most underrated and misunderstood concept in today’s time.

Did you remember the reaction of your uncle when you first told him about it, I don’t know of yours but my uncle thought that I’m into some bloody scam.

Copywriting is misunderstood with Copyrighting. Especially by those who don’t know much about it. But the fact is everything we see is a copy.

Look at anything, your pen, pencil box, notebook, chips packet… Anything. All the written text and design you see is a copy.

Any product or service which you are buying is just because of its phenomenal copy. You see how significant copywriting is.

I know it is hard to grasp the potential it has now, but as the world is moving towards the digital era, I know a few people who are making more than 7 FIGURES of income while sitting in their house.

I know some who are making even more than that, but these people are some badass writers with a unique writing style.

Coming back to the question ‘Is there a good income in copywriting?’

Yes, and No, it depends upon 3 factors.

1. Skill: Even if you know everything you need to know about copywriting, but you are not skilled enough or have PRACTICED enough to write a copy that converts, everything is of no use.

2. Industry: It is also very important to choose the right industry to make money out of it. This is where most of the fresh copywriters get stuck. I would initially suggest you choose an Industry you are passionate about. For example, if you are a Fitness person, you can choose fitness industries and sell their products and services.

3. Market Research: This is the most important aspect of copywriting if you want to generate revenues. Because if you know your target market deeply, about the choices and pain points of your audience, you would be able to make better ad copies and incur handsome revenues for the company or client you are working for. And which in turn will help you make more and more money.

And even more important than these three is to keep learning and improving yourself DAILY. The biggest blunder people do and suffer is that they just buy an online course, read few books, write a few things and that’s it. They think of themselves as Gary Halbert.

It doesn’t work this way, like any other valuable thing you desire in life, it will test your will and patience and you have to prove that you deserve it.

Copywriting has massive potential for those who are willing to give their best and are serious about making their life better. But few people also do this mistake of charging than they deserve or worse on a PPW basis.

You should realize the power of your pen. It is your copy on which the revenues of the whole company are relying. You are responsible for the cash flow and building brand power, even for the salaries of your fellow employees.

Good copywriters are high in demand but low in supply. It is high time for all the creative writers and storytellers to start monetizing their writing skills. If you want to become one of those 7 figure elites I talked about, I have this amazing Career Acceleration Program for you, Come join Now.

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